Message from brother Talatoti:

Greetings to you in the name of God almighty,

I am from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Working as a preacher at Gajuwaka Church of Christ. Before start my ministry work I honored with bachelor degree in 2000 and master degree in 2004 at NATIONAL BIBLE COLLAGE at Chennai, India. Since completion of my Biblical studies, I am focusing upon denominational people and their members. These people are very close to the doctrine, but they don’t know what is the plane of salvation and the church doctrine. Since 2000, I am conducting bible classes for denominational preachers and their members. By the grace of GOD and the prayers of the saints, more than 100 denominational preachers and their members have been converted. We continue the classes to this day. Our slogan is “ALL CHRISTIANS ARE BELIEVERS BUT ALL BELIEVERS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS” When we are teaching this, they asking us why and how? Then, we go through these lessons with them:

1. How to study the BIBLE. (Divide the word of truth)
2. A convent of God to human mankind
3. The fall of man and the will of God
4. To whom was the law of God is given?
5. For what purpose was the law is annulled? Why?  Through whom was it annulled?
6. What are the causes of Christ coming?
    a. God manifestation. (Christ is the manifestation of God)
    b. The establishment of the Kingdom of GOD. (Church of Christ)
    c. Forgiveness of sins. (Repentance and remission of sins)
    d. The establishment of New Testament. (Apostolic doctrine)
7. The Christian belongs to new covenant
8. The Pattern of New Testament worship

After going through these lessons, they continue to think and ask us questions.  We conduct three months course, weekly one day, 10AM to 12:30 PM, 2 PM to
5 PM. We provide them lunch and tro-fro charges. Now, we need your prayers for this class. We need financial help for this work. When we teach the truth to the denominational preachers, many times they are baptized.  After being baptized and joining the true church, they are losing the support which they are getting from the denominational churches. We are not giving any promises to the converted preachers about support. But when we heard they loss their support, my heart feel very sad and praying to GOD. Many converted denominational preachers lose church members and funds from those members.  Additionally, today, some of these preachers are losing the buildings they preach in, or they are being forced to pay the denomination back for the construction of the building.   If that local preacher not able to give back that fund, the denominational people open a case against local preacher in local police station.  These more than 100 preachers are from the areas of Visakhapatnam and Nagarjunasagar. I hope and praying to GOD for success in this work. We need your love and support to do this work. Please pray for this work.         

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