What is Support A Saint?

Support a Saint is simply a website that maintains a list of Church of Christ evangelists who require support and works of benevolence around the world.  Support a Saint is not a nonprofit organization, an institution, or a business of any kind.  We do not collect any funds ourselves; all PayPal buttons and links to payment options go directly to the evangelist himself.  Because this is not a nonprofit organization, we do not send out any 1099 forms for tax purposes or any other forms of that kind.  

Why was Support A Saint Created?

Support a Saint was created because a need was recognized.  In today’s world, there are hundreds of evangelists doing great work for the Lord who do not have enough financial support, and no platform existed to find these evangelists.  At the beginning of 2021, the author of this website was exposed to these needs, in addition to the amazing work these evangelists are doing around the world.  We wanted to share these amazing works with Christians around the world, in addition to offering the opportunity to other Christians to support these works.  

Have all of these works been vetted?

Support a Saint has done some initial vetting for each evangelist/work. It has not been completely extensive, but it has convinced us they know their Bibles, the gospel, the elements of worship, and the church. 

If you have any doctrinal questions for any of the evangelists or works on the page, it is our hope that you reach out to the evangelist in charge of the work directly.  All of our evangelists are very friendly, and they would be happy to discuss any Biblical matter you wish to discuss.  To contact the evangelist, please fill out the Name and Email entries on the evangelists page and click “Submit”.  The evangelist will reach out to you shortly via email.  To learn more about our desire for contacting and getting to know our evangelists, please visit the New Visitor page:

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