This work of benevolence supports 40 poor preachers and their families who labor for the Church of Christ in Pakistan.  It is organized by brother Naeem Sabir, an evangelist who resides in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.
Preaching the gospel in Pakistan is a very difficult endeavor.  Over 95 percent of the population in Pakistan is Islamic, and the government is hostile towards Christians.  If a preacher approaches a stranger on the street and starts to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the stranger can have them arrested if they take offense to the preaching.
Regardless of these difficult circumstances, these men have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel of Christ…and they have found the ground to be very fertile for Christ’s love and teaching!  The majority of these men preach for small congregations in the mountains of Pakistan.  Currently, the majority of them only receive small amounts of financial support from larger congregations in the bigger cities of Pakistan.  If you choose to support this work, you will help provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other necessities for these good preachers and their families.  You will be helping to further the gospel in Pakistan by allowing these men to focus on their calling of spreading the gospel to all of the lost souls.
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