Brother Rajesh Babu is a laborer in the vineyard of the Lord in the area of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  He is a full time evangelist and preaches for the Thirumullaivayil Church of Christ.  He has a big heart, always doing his best to help his fellow brethren, even when he has little means to do so.  He often works with students who attend a Bible college in Chennai, answering Bible questions that they have.
Brother Rajesh also has a Youtube ministry; the link to his channel can be found below.  On his channel, Rajesh preaches in Telugu, Tamil, and English.
Click here for Rajesh’s YouTube Channel
Brother Rajesh has a wife named k. Sunitha jaya Priya, a son named N. Rakshan (Rufus Joel), and two daughters named Sthuthi Priya and Betty Mahima.




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