This work of benevolence supports 16 preachers of the Lord’s church and their families in the area near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.  It is organized by brother Talatoti Benhur, an evangelist who resides in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.  
These 16 preachers are former denominational preachers who were converted to the one true church by brother Talatoti and other brethren.  They have been faithfully preaching the gospel of Christ for many years now and are now leading their area in converting other denominational preachers to the church found in the scriptures. 
After being baptized into church, these men returned to their denominational congregations and began preaching about the Church of Christ.  As a result, many, many new souls were added to the church by the Lord.  The church buildings that were formerly Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, and Pentecostal now transformed into church buildings for the Church of Christ. 
Unfortunately, along with these great successes came great difficulties as well.  All of these men were previously supported through treasuries associated with the various denominations; once it became known they were no longer a part of that denomination, all funding stopped.  For some men, many denominational church members left, leaving them with even less support.  Additionally, many of the men were forced to pay the denomination back the funds that were used to purchase the church building, leaving them a significant debt to pay.  For some men, their church buildings were confiscated. 
If you choose to support this work, you will be providing these 16 preachers and their families with basic needs such as food and medical supplies.  You will be supporting these men in their ministry of continuing to teach denominational preachers and converting them to the one Church of the Bible.  You will be helping to pay the debts that were incurred upon these men by their former denominations, and you will be helping to build new church buildings for the men whose church buildings were confiscated by their former denomination.

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