What is Support a Saint?

Support a Saint is simply a website that maintains a list of Church of Christ evangelists who require support and works of benevolence around the world.  As a part of this list, we also provide easy methods of getting financial support into the hands of the evangelist.  Support a Saint is not a nonprofit organization, an institution, or a business of any kind.

Who runs Support a Saint?

The Support a Saint website is developed and maintained by a member of the Lord’s church who lives in Fort Worth, TX.  Currently, he is the only person working on the site.  He has been a Christian for 18 years and has always had a passion for mission work and spreading the gospel in every area of the world (Mark 16:15-16).  If you would like more information regarding the website maintainer, please send is a message in the Contact Us section.

Have these evangelists been vetted?

Support a Saint has done some initial vetting for each evangelist/work. It has not been completely extensive, but it has convinced us they know the Bible, the gospel, the elements of worship, and the church. 
If you have any doctrinal questions for any of the evangelists or works on the page, it is our hope that you reach out to the evangelist in charge of the work directly.

Are these men really evangelists for the church?

It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that any evangelist working here or abroad is a true evangelist for the church, speaking the Truth in love for the right reasons all the time.  However, all of these men on the website have shown us to be exactly that by everything we have seen and heard of them.  We have talked with them daily for the last two months.  We have video chatted with them on many different occasions, and we have seen the needs with our own eyes and heard their love of spreading the gospel in their voices.  We invite and encourage you to do the same.  If you have any doubts, please reach out to our evangelists for yourself, and they will be happy to show you and tell you all about their works for the Lord.

I am an Elder in a local congregation.  What should I do?

After studying all of the works on the website, if you determine supporting one or many of the works on the website would be a good thing, we hope you will share the works with the fellow Shepherds of your congregation.  If you are able and willing, we hope you will provide monthly support for one of the works on the website. In our opinion, this is the best thing that can happen. If you are able to provide monthly support, the evangelist will no longer require the website to support his work, and he can be replaced with another brother in Christ who does need support.  The evangelist will provide you with a report, at whatever frequency you desire, telling of the works he is doing.  We have seen the great works these evangelists have done first hand, and we know you will be encouraged to hear and see all of the great work they are doing as well.  Supporting these evangelists monthly will not require a significant amount of money (probably in the range of $100), but you will see the significant impact it makes on growing the Kingdom of God!

I am an individual Christian.  What should I do?

We hope you will examine the many good works on this website and evaluate which one you are the most interested in.  After finding the work you are the most interested in, we hope you will provide support for one of the evangelists or works of benevolence.  We hope you will sign up for a monthly report for the work you are supporting; we know you will be encouraged by seeing the fruits of your donation themself! 
Although one of the main goals of Support a Saint is to provide financial assistance, it is also our hope that Support a Saint will allow people here to build a closer relationship with our brethren in other areas of the world.  To support this goal, we hope you will start an email conversation or a WhatsApp discussion with the evangelist, forming a personal relationship with him. If you have any questions regarding doctrinal issues, we hope you will ask these questions during these conversations as well.  We encourage you to have a virtual Bible study with the evangelist over WhatsApp or other electronic media.  Doing so will give you encouragement from the Word, it will give our evangelists encouragement, and it will bring glory to God!