Brother Abraham Mundla is a preacher of the Word of God who works in Markapur, India.  Abraham is the preacher for the Gurrapusala Church of Christ.  Abraham holds a preacher’s Bible class every first Monday of the month, training up fellow preachers in the church and teaching other denominational preachers the Truth.


Immediate needs for brother Abraham:

Brother Abraham and his family took out a loan four years ago in order to farm land that they own.  Due to financial hardships over the last four years, they have not been able to repay the loan as of yet.  Three days ago, a debt collector came to his home with local police officers, demanding that he pay back the loan + 30% interest.  Unfortunately, brother Abraham has two days to repay the loan, or the police threatened to take him to the police station and require legal action.  Please help brother Abraham and his family pay off the loan during this difficult time.




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